TDK displays digital Christmas tree in Times Square

Dec 07 2015 in Events  

TDK Corporation, in collaboration with Toshiba Corporation and Dunkin’ Brand Group Inc. (DNKN), which operates Dunkin Donuts, is illuminating New York’s Times Square with a digital animation Christmas tree shining down from the uppermost screens of the One Times Square Building.

Coincidentally, TDK also celebrated its 80th anniversary on December 7. Just before the Christmas tree illumination was switched on, TDK showed an 80th anniversary commemorative video. It also launched new content on that day.

In cooperation with Toshiba and DNKN, TDK intends to continue using this opportunity to further promote awareness and understanding of its position as a global enterprise and to enhance its corporate brand.

  • Christmas illumination
    The digital Christmas tree covers four screens rising about 120 meters above ground level, and the tree itself measures about 60 meters, making it the tallest digital tree in the world. The tree will appear on the Times Square screens every five minutes until January 13, 2016, enlivening the festive mood of the holiday season from the wintry sky.
  • 80th anniversary commemorative video
    The commemorative video contained a message of gratitude on the occasion of TDK’s 80th anniversary, which the company marked on December 7.
  • New content
    Based on the concept of “Attracting Tomorrow,” which is the new communication message of TDK produced on the occasion of its 80th anniversary, the new video depicts TDK’s image as a company that “attracts the future by creating completely new things through encounters with different genres.”

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